Thursday, March 11, 2010


In my certificate course i'd learn some of the basics in computer which really help me and also build me up to this level. I learn first the turning on and off of the computer, creating a folder, configuration of mouse, and the certificate curriculum, protecting the computer from contacting viruses by using anti-virus.

In microsoft word we where told on how to type which is the must important in the package, and also by using the mervis beacon teaching, saving the document in a file and also copying it in a folder, security of your document by using of password.
In microsoft Excel, we where told on how to calculate by adding, subtracting, finding of averages, maximum and minimum. In this package, calculation was very easy.
The internet has also help me in my findings, like class assignment, forums etc.

In my diploma course i have acheive a lot in the modules learn in this particular class.
In Microsoft word, i was told about office assistant and how to ask questions, creating of table, splitting, merging of cells and also typing.
In Microsoft Excel, i also learn how to calculate using percentage, addition, average etc, creating of budget managing of finance.
In Data base, i was told of advantage of using a computerise data base which i learn that is very flexible and easy to cross refrence information, and also the four key part to an access data base, which we have the quaries, forms, table.etc
In Internet,i was told how to work on internet which i learn about the internet protocol that is the http which is the hypertext transfer protocol,is the protocol that allows you to access a specific webside and i also learn about the server which is the most very important thing in all the aspect of internet, and also about the computer network,online communities.etc
Thank to fantsuam for their total effort in these organisation.

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